Friday, January 22, 2010

Well, I survived

another run-in with the medical-industrial complex.  The good news is that I had my angioplasty / stent insertion done by a guy who is trying to refine the process into a high-tech art form.  The post op routine included a CD with a movie of the heart in motion.  Even better, he fished the catheter up through my wrist rather than through the femoral artery--left a scab about 1/4" (5 mm) long.

Beats the hell out of bypass surgery!

Got the stern lecture on my diet.  Since I am the cook and grocery shopper around here, I cringe at learning too much new.  And I have been cooking essentially salt-free since the 1970s so it's not like I don't have ANY good habits.

But man oh man is the hospital an unpleasant place to be sick.  Just the number of sticky things--tape, EKG leads, etc.--that irritate the skin is enough to make a hospital stay something to avoid.

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