Monday, January 25, 2010

Uncle Barry gets hammered in Massachusetts

As a practicing Democrat, I don't especially enjoy losing a Senate seat that has been held by the Party for a half a century.  But it will be well worth the price if we learn some lessons.
What Massachusetts Got Right
by Robert Scheer | January 20, 2010
The president got creamed in Massachusetts. No amount of blaming this disastrous outcome on the weaknesses of the local Democratic candidate or her Republican opponent's strengths can gainsay that fact. Obama's opportunistic search for win-win solutions to our health care concerns and our larger economic problems is leading to a lose-lose outcome for the president and the country.
The two issues that mattered on Election Day were the economy, which Obama has sold out to Wall Street--as quite a few disgruntled voters pointed out--and his plea to save health care reform, which the voters who had backed him for the presidency with a huge majority now spurned. It is significant that it was the voters of Massachusetts who have now derailed the Democrats' efforts to revamp the country's health care system by denying them the necessary 60th vote in the Senate, for these voters know the subject well.
The federal proposal is based on their own state's model requiring people to obtain health insurance without the state doing anything to effectively control costs through an alternative to the private insurance corporations. Lacking a public option, the cost of health care in Massachusetts, already the highest in the nation at the time of the plan's implementation, has spiraled upward. Services have been curtailed, and many, particularly younger people, feel they are being forced to sacrifice to pay for a system that doesn't work. more

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