Tuesday, January 5, 2010


My new favorite blogger sets his sight on getting Larry Summers fired.  But if that happens, what is to become of a blog entitled, ECONOMISTS FOR FIRING LARRY SUMMERS?  Here's hoping it will do fine as it has obviously moved beyond it's original title anyway.
The Buzz Grows That Larry Summers Is Toast 
Joe Weisenthal
There's little doubt that the Obama administration will continue its relatively accomodative, Wall Street-friendly policies for some time to come, as the still-weak banking system gets coddled back to health.
But it's also true that the administration still has to do more to shed its pro-Wall Street image -- established fairly or unfairly by the likes of Matt Taibbi.
One way to do that would be to start severing official ties with the various Clintonistas that inhabit The White House, most notably economic advisor Larry Summers, one of the most charged figures there is. more

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