Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Folks, we are in real trouble

I didn't have high hopes for the Obama administration.  Washington is a mean town and someone with so little experience in the ways of the Village was set to be eaten alive.  Whatever he may have said to get elected, there was an agenda waiting for him when he walked through the doors of the White House--you cannot touch the military, you cannot touch the interests of the finance-insurance-real estate combo, you cannot question the assumptions of our catastrophic foreign policy, and only God is allowed to question for-profit medicine.

Over on the lefty blogs, open warfare has broken out.  The idealists who actually still believe that politicians should be held to their campaign promises are represented at firedoglake.  They are PISSED OFF by Obama's betrayal.  The blogs like DailyKos still harbor the true believers--the folks who actually worked on the Obama campaign and gave money.  They still harbor the idea that Obama is this magician who plays 11 dimensional chess so even though it LOOKS like Obama has sold his soul for less than nothing, they still want to believe in the magic that got them the best sex of their lives election night.

The situation is especially tragic at Kos because the true believers still think that all criticism of their hero is coming from the teabaggers or other evil-Republican variations.  As a result, the people who live in what we fans of the Enlightenment once called the "reality-based" community and recognize what is happening in Washington are attacked for our "treason" to the cause.  This is when politics gets scary--when questions of loyalty become more important than fact-finding and problem solving.  The serious writers who made it a go-to place on the web are now in hiding.

Of course, all this ideological madness distracts us from solving real problems like the fact our society is designed to run on oil.  We are facing an existential emergency.  In such a situation, real adults either acquire the skills necessary to solve such problems, figure out ways to finance or otherwise enable the solution, or GET OUT OF THE WAY!

See ANY such adult behavior actually taking place in Washington or on the trading floors of our stock exchanges?

Me neither.  In fact, at places like Kos, the adults are being shouted out of the room.  Fortunately, the web is a big place.  There is always somewhere else to go.  Unfortunately, every time the adults have to move, more time is wasted that could have been spent on problem-solving.  And while the clock ticks, people lose their homes and jobs and any possible savings they night have had.

Time to get the bad guys out of the way.

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