Monday, January 18, 2010

The Vikes

I am not much of a football fan, but it is hard to avoid the excitement of the old Brett Farve coming to entertain our frozen Minnesota souls.  And yes, playing Dallas carries a lot of extra baggage here in the North.

So the way I see it was Farve really only needed one touchdown pass to win so the other three were for killing demons.

There was the demon of the "Hail Mary"--the play that upset the otherwise stolid citizens of the north so much that one guy threw a whiskey bottle from the stands that hit the ref who blew the call. The prevailing attitude was summed up by a little old lady on a call-in who opined, "You should NEVER throw things on the field--someone innocent might have been hit!"

There was the demon of the Herschel Walker trade--the WORST trade in the history of football. Dallas becomes the powerhouse of the 90s, the Vikes stagger for 15 years. In fairness to Dallas, they were not to blame that Viking GM Jim Finks had been driven insane by the bleatings of the WORST sports-writer EVAH--the Star-Tribune's Sid Hartman.

And then there was the demon that had nothing to do with football--the move of the North Stars to DALLAS. Minnesota, the state that stages the largest high school hockey tournament in USA each spring, lost its NHL team to the heart of darkness--where they didn't know the difference between a puck and a goalie crease.

So yeah, I know there are Dallas fans who think that Farve throwing his fourth touchdown on fourth and three was "classless" but considering the above, they might just want to let this one slide.

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