Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fighting back

The case of Iceland is especially interesting.  They had some neoliberal scum set up a bank in Iceland that attracted business by promising absurd returns.  Naturally it failed and the international banksters want the citizens of Iceland to cover the losses.  This will, of course, devastate the Icelandic standard of living.  Which is probably the whole point, after all.

So now the Icelanders are expected to vote whether they will tax themselves to death to pay the bandits.  As good Vikings, they should be able to understand the issues surrounding financial extortion.  We'll see how they vote--they are being threatened by some serious bullies.
Iceland president warns UK government over Icesave referendum 
• UK can have 'negative or positive impact' ahead of crucial vote 
• Referendum to settle dispute over repayment of Icesave bill 
Graeme Wearden, Thursday 7 January 2010 11.43 GMT
The president of Iceland has warned Gordon Brown and Alistair Darling to avoid alienating Icelanders ahead of next month's crucial referendum on repaying the country's €3.8bn (£3.4bn) Icesave bill. 
Ólafur Grímsson said Icelanders were paying very close attention to British politicians as they weighed up how to vote in the referendum, which is likely to take place on 20 February. Latest opinion polls suggest that a majority of the population plans to vote against repayment. 
"It is very important for Alistair Darling and Gordon Brown and all the others to realise that a few minutes after they speak to their home audience in Britain everything they say is being talked about in Icelandic fishing plants, and every village and every office. Indeed, we live in a global village where leaders in Britain can have a negative or a positive impact on a referendum in Iceland," said Grímsson. more

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