Thursday, January 7, 2010

Hooking up renewables

While we in USA fool around with energy schemes that mostly involve caulk, the Northern Europeans are getting serious about building hardware.
30 Billion Euro Project
Europe Plans New Power Grid to Boost Green Energy

The Horns Reef wind farm in Denmark, some 20 kilometers off the port of Esbjerg. Europe plans to create a new power grid for renewable energy. 
Nine countries in northern Europe are hoping to boost renewable energies by creating a new grid to balance out weather-related fluctuations, according to a German newspaper report. The €30 billion project is urgently needed to help boost green power and combat climate change. 
Nine European countries plan to boost their renewable power generation with a €30 billion ($43 billion) project to build a power grid of high-voltage cables under the North Sea, German newspaper S├╝ddeutsche Zeitung reported on Tuesday. 
The cables will transport energy generated by wind power, tidal power and solar power and thereby form a basis for the continued expansion of renewable energy to help combat climate change, the newspaper reported, citing government sources. 
The project includes Germany, the United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Denmark, the Netherlands, Ireland, Luxembourg and Norway. more

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