Sunday, January 31, 2010

How the rich in Germany are different

In USA, the wind enthusiasts of Cape Cod had their plans thwarted by the idle rich.  In Germany, it seems there are rich folks who WANT to build solar installations.  In either case, there are planning problems with solar.  Solar energy requires space and it is a crowded planet so some folks will object.

File photo of the prince in 2007. Photo: DPA
Green blueblood's solar project irks commoners
Published: 28 Jan 10 17:17 CET
The aristocratic house of Thurn und Taxis wants to build the world's largest solar park in Bavaria. But as Kyle James reports, the plans have angered their commoner neighbours. 
Prince Albert von Thurn und Taxis has long been known for his enthusiasm for exhaust-spewing race cars. But these days the 26-year-old blueblood is showing a decidedly green streak, even though not everyone is happy with the new colour.
Once holders of a mediaeval monopoly on Europe's postal services, today the Thurn und Taxis family wants to invest €115 million ($165 million) in a very 21st-century sector: electricity from renewable energy sources. 
Albert, the world's youngest billionaire according to Forbes magazine, plans to construct a solar park on 195 hectares (482 acres) of farmland owned by his family in Bavaria. At peak times it could generate up to 65 megawatts of electricity, or enough to power some 16,000 households. more

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