Saturday, March 20, 2010

We've been warned (again)

No matter how you read the signs, Peak Oil is coming soon.  Since virtually EVERYTHING that happens in a country like USA is touched in some way by the magic of petroleum power sources, going without oil has become almost unthinkable.  Yet, it is a subject that must be addressed--there is literally no way it can be ignored.

And when you look at energy issues, you discover that any meaningful response to the end of the Age of Petroleum will require decades to implement.  This is a problem that would have been SO much easier to address in 1980.  Instead, we elected a grinning moron for president who dismissed the inescapable problems of our oil requirements with some aw-shucks chuckling.

Notice in the following that NBC is STILL in major denial even if the Kuwaitis are beginning to get it.
Peak oil production predicted for 2014
Kuwati scientists update Hubbert model; findings debatable
By Jeremy Hsu
updated 1:55 p.m. CT, Fri., March. 12, 2010
Predicting the end of oil has proven tricky and often controversial, but Kuwaiti scientists now say that global oil production will peak in 2014.
Their work represents an updated version of the famous Hubbert model, which correctly predicted in 1956 that U.S. oil reserves would peak within 20 years. Many researchers have since tried using the model to predict when worldwide oil production might peak.
Some have said production already peaked. One earlier model by Swedish researchers suggested that oil would peak sometime between 2008 and 2018. And other researchers have argued there are decades to go before oil production goes into irreversible decline. The only thing they all agree on: Oil is a finite and very valuable resource. more

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