Sunday, March 21, 2010

The PERFECT Predator Class story

In case you were wondering what the guys who ran off with the wealth of the Producer Classes are doing with their ill-gotten gains...

You can NOT make this stuff up!
How atom bomb tests could help detect wine fraud
'Bomb pulse' in grapes harvested since atmospheric tests can be dated to within a year
Ian Sample, science correspondent, Sunday 21 March 2010 22.00 GMT
A trace of Bikini atoll could join hints of black cherry and complex citrus notes in the sommelier's lexicon for describing fine wines, research has suggested.
Harmless amounts of radioactive carbon have been found in wines made from grapes harvested since the last atmospheric atomic bomb tests were carried out in the 1960s.
But the "bomb pulse" of radioactive carbon lingering in the alcohol of wines produced since could be a good thing for wine dealers and collectors. more

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