Thursday, March 25, 2010

Great American ideas for monetary reform

No quicker way to get labeled a "nutcase" than to claims democracies should create their own money.  The idea that greedy private interests are always superior to democratic control seems especially absurd in this era of bankster criminality.

So here's a list that will assure you you are in GREAT company if you support monetary reform.
Top ten list of Americans for monetary reform: the most important economic policy in US history
AMLA County Nonpartisan Examiner--Carl Herman
The financial crisis in America today could be over almost instantaneously through monetary reform. Monetary reform is a fundamental shift in how America creates money. The shift is from a Robber Baron-era design of banks creating credit to lend to us at interest and ever-increasing debt, to our community (government) creating it for the direct payment of public goods and services. The benefits of monetary reform are conservatively $1 TRILLION every year, the end of the national debt, and full employment.
The power of monetary reform is evident in history. Napoleonic France quickly became the world’s leading economy and Paris its most beautiful city after ten years of violent revolution that killed or drove-off their economic leadership. Nazi Germany overcame tragic-comic hyperinflation to become the model economy during the Great Depression. These nations were in worse economic conditions than America today (economic power needs to be invested in the public good, not for empire). more

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