Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sure am glad

there's no truth to the notion of climate change.  Ya, right!

Here in Minnesota, spring has come early (again).  Where the flood crest on the Minnesota and Mississippi rivers has traditionally been somewhere around April 5th, this year it was the 22nd of March.  And for the first time in my 60 year life, there has been no snow in March.  I don't know which is more frightening--the strange weather or the fact that it has now become acceptable to deny that anything has changed.

I have been helping a friend take video of the Minnesota River.  This is the result of four days of attempting to show the spring runoff.  It was shot near Red Wing (early melt) Chaska, Carver Rapids, Fort Snelling (Minneapolis), and St. Paul.  Enjoy this in high-def if you have the computer and the Internet connection to match.

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