Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Simon Johnson on financial "Doomsday"

Below, former IMF chief economist Simon Johnson, who wrote the landmark April 2009 Atlantic Monthly article on the new financial oligarchy, The Quiet Coup, addresses the Roosevelt Institute's Make Markets Be Markets conference, held last week. In a powerful eight-minute presentation, Simon shows how the 1980s Reagan Revolution transformed the U.S. financial system and set in motion a “Doomsday Cycle” that has not yet been stopped, but is still careening toward yet another economic cataclysm. If you think I’m applying hyperbole here, take the eight minutes to watch and decide for yourself. (In case the embed of this Vimeo does not work, here’s the link.)

Simon Johnson on the Doom Cycle (MMBM) from Roosevelt Institute on Vimeo.

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