Sunday, May 6, 2012

Suicides in Catholic Ireland

1000 suicides a year doesn't sound like an especially large number until it is remembered that Ireland isn't a big country (only 4.8 million in the Republic of Ireland) and that it is still dominated by Roman Catholicism—a version of Christianity that makes a huge deal out of the idea that suicide is especially evil.  Because the economy of Ireland is so grim, it can be assumed that a large majority of these suicides are driven by economic desperation.

Because these victims are giving up rather than taking their desperation to the streets, we must assume that for the neoliberals, a rising suicide rate is a feature, not a bug, of their economic schemes.

Suicide rate rising rapidly in Ireland as recession grips

Experts fear three suicides a day in 2012
February 6, 2012

Three people a day are now committing suicide in Ireland with police and support groups monitoring known blackspots.

Irish suicide helpline ILife has revealed that it is struggling to cope with the near one hundred calls a day it is taking.

The group has confirmed it received over 33,000 pleas for help in the past 12 months as the suicide rate rises dramatically.

Experts fear that as many as 1,000 people will commit suicide in Ireland in 2012.

The situation is so bad that police are watching known suicide spots like the quays in Dublin, Cork, Limerick and Waterford.

The Irish Independent also reports that sea cliffs in Clare are under surveillance in a bid to thwart the growing numbers.

Corkman Pat Buckley, founder of the charity Let’s Get Together, spoke to the paper of his fears for the year ahead.

"The problem with the suicide statistics is that they take about two years to compile and even then they are relatively inaccurate and under-report the true scale of the problem,” said Buckley.

“The problem is now so serious it is terrifying. We’ve battled to raise $7,000 in funds and it was spent on counselling in just a few weeks over November and December.”  more


  1. Irelands suicide rate is behind that of Switzerland, Finland and Norway.... Who are powering ahead economically.

    Blaming neoliberals for rising suicide rates is as bizarre as the Heartland Institute comparing climate scientists to the Unabomber....

    Lazy, lazy commentary.

  2. Ireland's Catholic where suicide is considered a mortal sin—ANY suicide rate is unusual so this is new. This new rate is now far above normal. Blaming this on economics is not lazy—it is probably logical.

    1. i think about it every single second of the day and its everything to do with a no hope no future no work cant pay my morgage or any bills extra cant get dole so to live on seems pointless to me i have within the past few weeks been planning a date and how to exit this shit hole we called earth its the bail out the bankers thats all goverment cares abou't well i don't care cause i be gladly dead very soon unless my life changes

    2. we are all playing a game where the odds are and have always been against us. Your fate is in someone else's hands if you buy into any of it....very difficult not to and live reasonably but there are alternatives to the way we have built our lives in this system and financial ruin, i.e 0.00, is not the end of life. I hope things have turned around for you.

  3. American Catholics no longer consider suicide a mortal sin.