Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Krugman on Booker

It is an odd experience to discover that there really are folks who get pissed off about the same subjects I do.  So when the left blogosphere, a place mostly known for high political correctness, identity politics, and little else exploded in rage over the comments of Cory Booker on Meet the Press, I was gratified.  I have been trying to tell people that the way an economy is organized will determine most of the rest of their life options for nearly a quarter century to mostly blank stares.  So the fact that so many people got so angry about an economic issue is a sign to me that maybe we are beginning to take the real economy seriously for the first time in a generation.

So here is Paul Krugman talking about whether it was a good idea to allow the economics of a Bain Capital to ruin so many lives.  He isn't a firebrand like you could find on say, Crooks and Liars, but he is making the same points they make. video embed below


  1. This has been making the rounds of left blogistan. Thought you might find it interesting. I agree with the thinking and will be watching to see if more thinking along these lines begins to appear.

  2. I am going to write on this—watch for it. I agree with many of the conclusions of this Salon piece because witnessed at first hand the Minnesota DFL switch from worrying about economic issues to cultural ones. It is only in the past few years that I have begun to understand what happened in those days—mostly because I thought this switch in focus was so freaking insane I didn't want to believe anyone was doing it deliberately.