Saturday, May 26, 2012

Saturday toons 26 MAY 12


  1. the economic condition is extremely bad . Contractors , in a short period of time, might have to close! YES ! out of work ? hanging on a thread ! AS a plumbing outfit , we have seen in 2012 a complete near collapse . Worse, its effecting everything ... certainteed, a rather large firm with interest in the housing market, sadly , is looking forward to a great hurricane forecast !

  2. Good luck man! I know a LOT of people in the construction industry who have had their lives DESTROYED since 2007. My brother, who is has built some of the most complex buildings in central Florida, first decided to become a Certified LEED inspector and got like five different certifications. Last time I talked to him he is just going to "retire" early. My guess is that you could build a VERY nice COUNTRY with only the unemployed construction guys.

    As someone who has actually laid Certainteed shingles, I don't blame them one bit for cheering on hurricanes.