Monday, May 14, 2012

The banksters are literally killing us

Ellen Brown is a huge favorite of mine.  This is a woman who is a natural researcher who somehow stumbled onto the utterly fascinating history of monetary policy.  As someone who grew up with these debates, I can she how she got hooked.

I have not seen her speak in person so I am especially grateful that one of her speeches got posted to YouTube.  It isn't especially well-done (she keeps referring to her powerpoint slides but we don't get to see them) but these are important topics.  From the perspective of this blog, I believe there is literally NO way we can build the expensive infrastructure necessary for a sustainable society and still maintain the incredibly parasitic current system of central banking.

45 minute video follows on the public banking option.  Nice joke / illustration at the 2:06 mark!


  1. Do you have any books to recommend that cover this kind of history? Or that explore the different ideas on how money, debt, credit, etc. should, could, or did operate? :)

    1. Yes I do. I'll work on a good list and turn it into a post. I have been thinking about concentrating on this subject for awhile anyway.

      In the meantime, read William Greider's "Secrets of the Temple." Ellen Brown's "Web of Deb"t looks pretty good too. I'll let you know when I have finished it.