Monday, June 11, 2018

Final beta (Climate Change video)

This version incorporates most of the suggestions I have gotten, mostly from Tony's Progressive caucus, Grandpa Smet and my favorite political operative, Da Wege!

So this covers the main points I had in mind:

1) The science of climate change is overwhelming.

2) The reasons why climate change is so difficult to address are mostly structural and technological.

3) Only a massive building effort can alter these structural problems.

Enjoy the video. It is 18:03 minutes long. If you enjoy the music track, it is because some of the music is especially appropriate. For example, the song, "Don't Worry, Be Happy" topped the charts the same year James Hansen testified before Congress, or that the hymn, "Nearer My God to thee" was published the same year oil was discovered in Pennsylvania—the same industry that was soon to be monopolized by a devout Baptist Sunday School teacher named Rockefeller.


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  2. I can’t imagine the opening sequence being done any better. It hit all the best possible notes in the best possible way: from the simple quiet music in the background... to the appropriate conclusion of “Getting serious about climate change.” (The well-done graphics and well-chosen word captions in those first 42 seconds...couldn't have been done any better!) I was totally hooked! I had time to read the words and reflect on what “they” said... but mostly because they were all such well-chosen words pictures and music presented so well.

    I think you circled back around at the end of the video (in the last 4 minutes or so) to finish up the way you started) but some of the stuff in the middle (and even some at the end) I’ll have to put off for now.

    My reaction to, “What is necessary?” and “What must we know?” and “The forces of reaction,” etc... plus your “basic takeaway ideas” (1,2,3,4) I will have to put off for now (time to take my grandsons to summer day-camp, lucky them).