Friday, July 20, 2012

Upcoming projects

Like a lot of you, I truly enjoyed Tony's post yesterday.  That sort of thing is a bunch of work so I am glad people appreciated it.  Thanks Tony!

I am currently fiddling with two topics that will probably make an appearance in the next couple of weeks.
  1. Since we now live in a world where an almost limitless information is instantly available (man, I love Google!) the big problem becomes, how does one evaluate this information?  This means the central subject of any education has become a sort of meta-epistemology.  
  2. The corn belt drought threatens to become one of the most significant economic events in history.  The USA has never really suffered a food shortage.  What if one develops?  How likely is it to happen? What happens if several billion people are priced out of a subsistence diet? What will happen to the speculators who will drive up the price of food without adding a single kernel to the food supply?  This drought is not far away—I intend to take pictures.
I am still moving into a house.  It had some issues.  They are not big ones but there seem to be a lot of them.  My SO and I are really good at this sort of thing but it takes energy.  I'll get to these big topics when some of these mini house projects get done.  We were hanging pictures the other day so we are getting close to the end.

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