Saturday, July 7, 2012

Back online

Basically I have been without a Internet connection since June 28.  I did get access to a neighbor's unprotected LAN last Sunday but that didn't last long.  But at 5:00 pm this very afternoon, the indicator light turned green on my Airport Express.  I am now hooked up to my fastest connection ever.  YESSSS!

I know, I could have figured out how to borrow a laptop and go somewhere with a wifi connection, but many things conspired to prevent that from happening.  First of all, there were boxes everywhere and a major effort was needed just to walk around.  Getting a kitchen running was a priority.  Then, it was HOT outside—as in so hot, it makes you worry for the planet, hot.  The air conditioning worked and so staying on task was easier than running around.

But mostly, I kind of enjoyed the break from the reality I find cruising my favorite websites.  I went through a kind of withdrawal, mind you, but since I could do nothing about getting hooked up sooner, I used the occasion to explore the reality that I find most of my fellow citizens live in most of the time.  Please believe me, I don't want to live in that world, but I can better understand the appeal of being comfortably numb.

I did have the occasion to watch an interesting movie about the Revolution of 1911 in China.  Chinese cinema is going through some growing pains so I wasn't expecting an historically insightful gem.  It is, after all, a Jackie Chan movie complete with one signature flying kicks defeat of three would-be assassins.  But it turned out to be a pretty thoughtful historical account.  China obviously needed major change—2000 years of feudalism combined with roughly 300 years of European imperialism made for extraordinarily harsh living conditions for the vast majority of the population.  But why a revolution?  Why attack the armies of the Qing Dynasty?  And perhaps most interestingly and relevant for today—what was the role of international finance?

The reason I found this all so interesting is that it has become clear that the power of the banksters is as corrupt and damaging as the combination of 2000 years of feudalism and 300 years of imperialism.  More importantly, the banksters are preventing necessary solutions to critically important problems.  Like the Qing Dynasty, they are almost impossible to dislodge by peaceful means because the only skills they have are cunning and corruption and they don't intend to give up their cushy lives without a fight.

So they play their video games with money while the planet burns for lack of investment in better ways of living.  Unfortunately, if there is going to be a revolution, someone else is going to have to fight it.  As I see it, my assignment has always been to collect the information necessary to build the better world once the impediments of banksterism are removed.  Trust me on this, this is a big enough job for me!  But for those who want to go all Jackie Chan on some banksters, I am not about to get in your way.

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