Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Producers vs Predators

Writing about the banking crises, or the Republican primary, or any other manifestations of Predators at work is a depressing experience.  There are many reasons why this is true but one stands out—outside of animal cunning, these are profoundly stupid people doing and saying dangerously stupid things.

There is no future with such folks.  They have no solutions to the problems of climate change because they cannot even understand the eight-grade science that explains why it is happening.  They have no solutions for the economy because the only thing they can imagine is some new version of usury, feudalism, human slavery, and the other manifestations the barbaric traits.  If you try to talk politics with them, they will argue that any necessary innovations to ensure the survival of the human race cannot even be contemplated because the founding fathers could not imagine such problems in the 18th century.

So enjoy this amazing video.  It is of a steel mill.  It runs on electricity so in theory, it could be powered by windmills or PV cells.  Its main raw material is scrap so it is an important cog in any necessary recycling infrastructure.  All of this is in addition to the awe-inspiring human genius that is the mass production of steel.

And no, Michele Bachmann nor Newt Gingrich nor any of their brain-dead comrades running for president did not—nor could not—figure this out.  In fact, they cannot even comprehend such infrastructure when they are looking right at it.  And ultimately that is the point—it will not be possible to solve the large problems facing humanity until the Predators shut up and get out of the way.