Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Producers having fun

Toyota's Lexus division is just a little over 20 years old.  To call Lexus a screaming success would be, at best, an understatement.  Here is a car line that challenged the world's best and triumphed.  It is now almost impossible to find any customer who doesn't just love their Lexus.

classic Swedish snickarglädje
My Swedish tribe has a word snickarglädje which translates into "carpenter's joy."  The concept is that after the hard work of building a house, the best carpenters are assigned to install the gingerbread that decorates the house.  The idea that the best Producers are to be rewarded with installing the most beautiful and intricate parts of the house, and that this is the most joyous part of the construction job, has been institutionalized in the language.

There is absolutely NOTHING about the new Lexus commercial with the drums (at the end of the video below) that indicates ANYTHING about the car in question.  ANY car can be driven in a straight line over a set of triggers that play a drum riff.  No, this is just a Japanese version of snickarglädje.  I wonder if they have a word for it.

This YouTube movie can be view in 1080p high-def.  If you have the computer and the connection to enjoy such things, I highly recommend it.

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