Wednesday, September 22, 2010

My snickarglädje 2010

The new floor is in.  Our very sweet but confused cat has no carpet left to piss on.  The woman in my life is happier.  And I still can point to some Producer Class activities.

Installing hardwoord flooring has changed quite a bit since the first ones I did in 1967.  Prefinished flooring is the norm.  The tools are MUCH better (note the cute little DeWalt brad gun by the fireplace--no air hose, no CO2 cartridge, just point and shoot.)

The stair landings were also done.  Lots of fussing.

The finished landings.

The details.  Snickarglädje is ALWAYS about details.

The living room.  Moving back in.

So back to observing the real economy stagger.  This project was a lot of work but the break was good for the soul.

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