Wednesday, September 15, 2010

A gem from Colbert

We LIKE rationality around here--we are children of the Enlightenment.  We champion the values of the builders, the makers, and those who would give us a better world through some tiny improvement in the way we understand our place in the cosmos.

So, I have been neglecting the story of the "Ground Zero" mosque and Pastor "Yosemite Sam" who threatened to burn Korans as his chosen response.  I grew up in a parsonage and spent my first 18 years listening to church fights.  I HATED them then, and I studiously ignore them now.

But as a summary of pure crazy, Colbert's piece on this latest reminder that the lessons of the Enlightenment are barely learned and those looking for a cheap way to validate their existence have an infinity of ways to glorify irrationality, borders on pure genius.  Kudos to his superb writers.

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