Thursday, February 11, 2010

On healthcare

What I don't get is how health-care reform in USA became a "lefty" cause in 2010.  I mean, aren't there small business owners who need affordable health insurance, and aren't these precisely the sort of folks that once constituted Republicans in this country?

Furthermore, Krupp, the guy who proposed the first national social security system to Bismarck in 1889, was a steelmaker.  Of all the forms of industrial tycoons of the 19th century, they were considered the toughest.  Read up on the Homestead Strike 1892 if you don't believe me.  Yet Krupp wrote that things like publicly administered health care were necessary "for the prevention of socialist error."

And in England, that mother of the right wing Margaret Thatcher, never moved a muscle to dismantle to national health care system.

So why is taking control of health care costs not a primary aim of Republicans?  It's just insane.

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