Thursday, February 25, 2010

Max Keiser bluntly calls Goldman Sachs "scum financial terrorists"

Max Keiser is a former broker and options trader who founded the Hollywood Stock Exchange to trade virtual securities such as "MovieStocks", and "StarBonds." Keiser also established the Karmabanque hedge fund, which sought to profit from any decline in the equity-value of companies being boycotted by environmental groups. In 2009, Keiser began a weekly financial commentary show which is notable for featuring many heterodox economists and financial commentators.

So, Kaiser is much more of the predator class than the producer class. Yet, for whatever reason, he has lately become quite direct in his critique of the economic and financial crises. In the segment below, it is especially interesting to watch the dynamic of the host and the other commentator, and business professor from Paris, reacting to Kaiser's verbal assaults on Goldman Sachs and former Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.

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