Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Not everyone at Davos is there to flatter the banksters

Hard to believe, but this year, there are some voices at the great finance capitalism get-together who don't believe that what's good for the banksters is good for the economy.
At Davos 2010, Some Tough Talk On Greed
By Sam Pizzigati
January 31, 2010 
Labor leaders at last week's Alpine assembling of global bankers and CEOs came with a simple pledge: We're going to fight to cap your pay.
At Davos, the Swiss resort where global corporate and financial execs assemble every winter at a glittery “World Economic Forum,” gentility typically reigns. The notables and experts who show up to address this annual bacchanalia of cogitation don’t speak truth to power. They flatter it.
Not this year. Among the 2,500 power suits high in the Alps last week for the 2010 forum: over a dozen international trade union leaders who came to demand an end to the global economy’s “vicious cycle of recklessness and greed.”
The union leaders trekked up the Alps on behalf of the International Trade Union Confederation, the global group whose affiliates represent 175 million workers in 155 countries. The top leader at one of those affiliates, Philip Jennings, carried the group’s single boldest proposal to a packed session on the forum’s first day. more

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