Friday, April 6, 2018

the money pitch

Whoops. The post of this Youtube was a mistake. It was only a third draft. I was extremely tired when I got done and a foul-up uploading the two videos caused me to do some seriously goofy things. In this case I ask folks to contact a Patron page. Well, we don't even HAVE a Patreon page yet.


In the meantime, I am in North Carolina with Tony and we will try to solve the world's problems together ;-)

Thanks to all those who watched what was there. If I had made the same mistake with the video part 1, I might have even left it up—because it was closer to being done than Part 2.

Actually, I am pretty happy with the work that has already been accomplished.

1 comment:

  1. I like seeing the words and I think it helps to hear them spoken... I think it’s a good way to present something important like this (along with more music to help set the tone perhaps?): One picture for a thousand words one song for many pictures!

    I love the Apollo 13 film clip, “We’ve got to turn everything off!” It’s what we’ve got to do to save our biosphere ecosystem! Turn off and slow down as much as we can...and put out as many fires as possible, so that life on earth has a chance to survive and continue.

    1st comes Earth’s Ecosystem
    2nd our Political/Social Systems
    3rd is everything else including Money

    The monetary cost of what we must do is totally irrelevant to whatever the monetary cost might be (if we last long enough to find out). What money can be or can be allowed to be do or buy in the future...must change drastically for us to survive!

    Our clean air renewable energy problem is big, but our obsession with money is bigger! If fear, ignorance, superstition and money must always Trump all other things (all the time or if we might get over some of them?) ...that’s the question.