Thursday, February 25, 2016

Upon reflection

Did some serious thinking on my long drive west.  I am very concerned that my big project is not progressing nearly as fast as it should be.  I had this ambitious idea that I could continue posting on this blog while simultaneously producing an instructional video on how to deal with climate change—only from an informed Producer Class perspective (this is harder than it looks which explains why it hasn't been done yet.)  The idea was to still have this active blog to promote the video when finished.  Now I am certain I cannot do both.  It would be a damn shame if I could not complete the video after all the effort sunk into it so far.  So that is where my creative energy must go.

Here is the new schedule for the real-economics blog.  I will still post at least once a week on Monday.  Additionally, I will react to significant shifts in economic news but I will only create a supplemental post when something unusual happens—like some country makes a serious attempt to leave the neoliberal orbit, some breakthrough in green technologies brings a meaningful solution into view, some tax is levied on financial speculation, or some major financial criminal gets sent to prison.  I do not intend to cover the elections.

In addition, Tony promises to post more often in those empty spaces I leave behind.  Since the regular readers enjoy his work as much as I do, this alone should keep the blog alive until the video project is done and we start banging on that drum.

Wish me great concentration and high energy!


  1. Stop checking your comments and get back to work!

  2. I’m happy to wish you “great concentration and high energy” in the successful completion of your instructional video...“from an informed Producer Class perspective!” I’ll be looking forward to Mondays and more from Tony from now on, thank you.

    Meanwhile, given each day our daily spin, weekly habits, monthly lunar influences and seasonal aspects to our annual orbits around our sun in our galactic spiral through space... I have to put in a plug for Buckminster Fuller’s version of “Utopia or Oblivion” on earth, as the Big Thing I think we’re up against: to make the transition on earth to utopia or we’re done for. (Which I believe won't have anything to do with economics as much as politics, science, and evolution.)

    Go to a children’s’ playground sometime on a nice day and watch them play. Tell me then there’s no chance for utopia. Tell them.