Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Plouffe says cut Medicare and Medicaid? No! Hell NO!

Plouffe's betrayal on earned benefits is exactly the crap that lots of people warned against when they argued that Obama is not really a progressive. How many times do we have to repeat this? What's driving the deficit is not Medicare or Medicaid. Over half the deficit is caused by the Bush tax cuts, which by now have proven they do not, will not, can not pay for themselves.


Almost another half of the deficit is caused by effects of the Second Great Depression. Even Bloomberg admits that.

A CBO Report in March 2012 warned that deficit reduction will cause a new economic collapse, shrinking the national economy by 1.3 percent. Can't we learn from history? This is exactly what happened in 1937 when Roosevelt changed priorities from fighting the Depression to balancing the budget.

And let's not forget that the real debt problem is NOT government debt, but private debt, which is nearly four times more than government debt. And we're not taking car loans and credit cards here. We're talking things like credit default swaps and the other crap Wall Street has waayyyy overburdened us with.

  Private vs Public Debt 

Here's the real issue: To fix the American economy, you have to destroy Wall Street and replace it with a financial system that works for the real economy, instead of looting it. But Wall Street has become the new American oligarchy, which is why it does not matter how we vote, we end up getting the kind of crap Plouffe is dishing out. If you want to actually vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs, you're probably going to have to destroy Goldman Sachs first.

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