Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Halftime in America (update)

Two days after the Super Bowl, we have feedback on the big Clint Eastwood ad.  Because it is such a classically done Producer Class piece, it has seriously confused the Leisure Class political commentators.  Many are calling it the first Obama ad of the next election.  Republicans are furious and wonder why Eastwood, a long-time Republican, agreed to do it.  Karl Rove was beside himself yesterday.

In 2008, Eastwood did a surprisingly thoughtful piece shot in Detroit called Gran Torino.  It is about an autoworker who is DEEP into the tool culture.  He can hardly fit his pristine Gran Torino into his garage for all the tools.  He despises his Hmong neighbors because the are not part of his tool culture.  Then he discovers the young man next door is more interested in his tools than any of his sons ever were.  Suddenly, race is pretty irrelevant.  See the movie.

Eastwood played his role as if he really understood it.  I am certain his Walt Kowalski will live long in Detroit lore.  So Eastwood was an obvious choice to do this year's big Chrysler ad.  But the confusion over this ad proves yet once again, the difference between Producers and Predators is MUCH more interesting than between Democrats and Republicans.

Obviously, an ad this good will generate tributes and spoofs.  Here's the first one I have seen.

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