Sunday, February 12, 2012

Greek Parliament Votes Austerity, Athens Explodes in Flames

A general strike in Greece ended this weekend, but it failed to sway the Greek parliamentarians from their appalling surrender to the "murder by spreadsheet" austerity ghouls of the EU, IMF, and World Bank. Widespread violence has reportedly begun. From Occupied London:

Sunday, Feb 12

From The Guardian: "Martial law has to be imposed for these measures to be implemented"
Unlike two years ago, when the angry graffiti demanded that the "IMF go home" and "reject austerity" it now exhorts protesters to "murder bankers" and "rise in rebellion" and "never be slaves". The spirit of resistance shows no sign of abating. With support for the left, including the militant Communist party (KKE), growing by the day, opposition to any cost-cutting reforms is bound only to increase. "Martial law has to be imposed for these measures to be implemented," said Kyrtsos.
The European Tribune pointed to the above; and has an excellent summary of the economic ruin Greece has been thrust into by the banksters:
Two years of the most grinding austerity, has caused a destruction of the Greek economy that has no precedent, in peacetime, as official nominal wages dropped 15%, unemployment passed the 20% mark and, according to polling company VPRC, the bottom 90% of Greek households, suffered in 2011 alone loss of income on average ~45% of their incomes.

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