Thursday, November 10, 2011

Interesting videos on the fight against banksterism

No one has a clue how #OWS will turn out.  At least, I don't.  After years of politics without economics, we now have a situation where economics has become the dominant subject.  This is not without significant risk.  After all, economics is really the only subject worth starting a revolution over.

Here we have Michael Hudson giving an update on the situation in Iceland.  They are the only people since the 2008 meltdown who have told the banksters to take a hike.  My guess that the banksters are not going to let this decision stand and they have many ways to try to overturn it.

This interview is with the author of a new book called Heist.  In it he argues that the destruction of the American middle class was a planned robbery and has considerable evidence to make his point.

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