Thursday, November 24, 2011

Come ye thankful people come

There is an argument which claims that gratitude is the virtue from which all other virtues descend.  I am not especially good at these sorts of philosophical debates but this sounds about right.  And I believe it's good to set aside a holiday that is dedicated to gratitude.  Not surprisingly, this was the brainchild of Lincoln who had more than his share of good ideas.

When I was growing up we had a Thanksgiving tradition.  Before we could eat, my father would have all of us around the table explain the one thing we were most grateful for.  There was a six-year age difference between my oldest sister and my little brother so there was some variation in the sophistication of the answers, and there was pressure to come to the point because the food was getting cold, but my family often came up with some great things to be grateful for.  I'd start thinking about my answer several weeks in advance so I wouldn't sound lame.  It was an excellent mental exercise.

So herewith my reasons to be grateful this thanksgiving.

The football games won't be stinkers.  We even get the Lions and Packers.

The kids have woken up politically and economically.  I have long wondered when this would happen.  Go get em kids!

Political arguments have gotten an order of magnitude more serious and interesting in just two months.

I am thankful for all the folks who make it possible for me to eat so well—from the farmers, to the processors, to the guy who stocks the shelves at the supermarket.  Thank you!  And since I live in an agricultural state, many of these people are my neighbors.  I am especially impressed how these keepers of Producer virtue keep going back to do necessary and honest work in this era of naked Predation.

That's enough.  Your turn.  And don't forget—the stuffing is not nearly as tasty when it's cold.  Happy thanksgiving!

My grandfather and his brothers threshing wheat (1940)

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