Monday, March 7, 2011

Someone else notes that Tyler Cowen sucks scum

Tyler Cowen and 'something amiss'

by Mike Kimel
Cross posted at the Presimetrics blog

I really don't understand this post by Tyler Cowen. He begins by noting:

The median earnings of full-time Canadian workers increased by just $53 annually -- that's right, $53 annually -- between 1980 and 2005.
He then links to two documents, one of which says this: A more likely explanation is that the rich have used their clout to get governments in the United States, Britain and Canada to change the rules, redirecting economic benefits to themselves
The quote goes on for a few more paragraphs, then Kimel gives you the kicker:
The very next sentence Cowen writes: This is one reason why I do not adhere to some of the progressive or "class struggle" explanations of relative stagnation in median income growth. Canada is not ruled by the so-called Republican Right.
(Jonathan here.  No Canada was NOT ruled by the Republican Right.  However, this makes absolutely ZERO difference because economically, it was ruled by the same neoliberal foolishness that has informed all of the governments of the English-speaking world since about 1975.  Example, Bob Rae of the so-called "far left" New Democratic Party became the Premier of Ontario and yet was a thorough-going neoliberal.  His supporters were roughly as horrified to discover this as Obama's were to discover that Larry Summers would guide economic policy.  Of course since Cowen is one of the bloggers for The Economist--the house organ of neoliberalism-- he is paid to NOT understand the critiques of his magazine's official position and clearly, he does not.)

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