Monday, March 7, 2011

The sociology of Predation

For anyone who wonders why even manufacturing companies that NEED to embrace the whole Producer Class value set (most emphatically including honesty) in order to succeed, sometimes look indistinguishable from any other Predator Class enterprise, Scott Adams provides us with this insight.

While Producers need unions, it's the Predators that better seem to understand the value of collective action.

And of course, a Predator hasn't finished his job until he has taken everything!

And this might be the funniest clip of all.  Because of Al Jazeera's superb coverage of the events in Egypt, even the paid water-carriers for USA exceptionalism have noticed that our "journalism" really, REALLY sucks--to the point where "serious" people worry about losing the information "war".  Here Secretary of State Clinton does the only thing a member of the Village knows how to do when confronted by a problem so large it can no longer be ignored--she asks for more money.  Of course, no amount of money will turn the actions of USA Predators into a winning journalism formula, but at least she knows there's a problem--not a problem she has the remotest chance of understanding but it is fun to watch her try.  From RT television--thank you for asking.

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