Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questioning the legitimacy of the G-20 Summit

I am certain the Norwegians are not the only folks object to these self-appointed masters of the universe--but they are probably the richest.
Norway Takes Aim at G-20
'One of the Greatest Setbacks Since World War II'
Norway's foreign minister has described the group of the 20 most important industrialized and developing nations, which will meet this weekend in Toronto, as the "greatest setback" for the international community since World War II. In an interview with SPIEGEL ONLINE, Jonas Gahr Støre explains why the organization won't function in the long run.
SPIEGEL: Mr. Foreign Minister, this week the most important industrial and developing nations will meet at the G-20 summit in Toronto. You oppose the organization. Is that because Norway, which is one of Europe's richest countries, is not a part of it?
Jonas Gahr Støre: No. The G-20 had a meaning when the financial crisis broke out, the situation was serious and swift joint decisions had to be made in order to calm the markets. This importance remains. But the G-20 is a grouping without international legitimacy -- it has no mandate and it is unclear which functions it actually has. more

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