Thursday, June 17, 2010

More on Predator Class environmentalism

The Sierra Club isn't alone here.  They are just such a sterling example of everything wrong with American environmentalism--technologically illiterate, dedicated first to the survival of their little bureaucracies, totally without a meaningful program that would address real environmental problems, superb at public relations--the Sierra Club magazine is beautiful, etc.  In short, a USA environmentalist is someone who will show up at somewhere like Kyoto with really nifty Powerpoint slides about how "cap and trade" and other market-style "solutions" can address something as serious as climate change. (sigh)
Why The Sierra Club No Longer Deserves Your Trust
Jane Hamsher
Posted: June 14, 2010 01:52 PM
There has been a massive silence on the part of the major environmental groups in the wake of the BP oil catastrophe, ever since the rig collapsed.
But it went into overdrive last week when many of those groups took out an ad in the Washington Post, not to criticize the government's response, but to praise the president for putting a hold on a drilling project in Alaska:
"President Obama is the best environmental president we've had since Teddy Roosevelt," Sierra Clubchairman Carl Pope told the Bangor Daily News last week. "He obviously did not take the crisis in the Minerals Management Service adequately seriously, that's clear. But his agencies have done a phenomenally good job."
If they aren't saying anything negative, it's because they believe there's nothing to criticize:
Asked if Sierra Club has any concerns about the administration's response to the spill, [Sierra Club's Dave] Willett said, "Overall, we're satisfied with the cleanup and recovery effort." more

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