Monday, May 31, 2010

No sentient being believes the banksters anymore

Money management is a matter of retaining confidence.  Banks share a lot of architectural features with churches.  And for good reason.  Both are in the business of selling magic and making promises.  The churches offer you a god who cares what you do and eternal life.  The banks transmute electrons on computer chips into money and into control of the social order.  Both suffer greatly from loss of legitimacy.
The peasants are getting restless 
by gjohnsit
Wed May 26, 2010 at 11:28:45 AM CDT
Strikes and protests from Greece to Spain to Slovenia to Ireland to Romania have followed riots and bloodshed.
The corporate media has reported this unrest with the following narrative:
The Greek people are angry because their government pledged to make cuts in social spending... 
Fox News correctly observed that "Greece lived for years beyond its means, borrowing money and spilling red ink to finance excessive government spending, offer socialized health care and provide lavish wages for federal workers."
It's a rather convenient spin: greedy, lazy, leftists workers that are getting their comeuppance. It's the same narrative that the corporate media rolls out whenever social services are being cut anywhere in the world. 
It's a convenient story because it is a complete story. Nothing more needs to be done. Good guys win. Bad guys lose. Roll the credits.
Except that this isn't the whole story by a long shot.
The Greek protesters outside of parliament were chanting "Thieves, thieves!" That doesn't sound like people angry at budget cuts. It sounds like people angry about their tax money being stolen.  
It turns out that they have every right to be angry. more

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