Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Germans Open New Research Center for Laser Welding

From Photonics Online:
A new hall with a semi-industrial laser system has been built at the GKSS Research Centre, Geesthacht, in collaboration with Airbus Deutschland GmbH. GKSS put in an investment of around a million Euros and the hall was officially opened on 19th April by representatives of GKSS and Airbus. The new system will be used to research laser beam welding of new lightweight construction alloys, among other areas. The material researchers from Geesthacht are taking over the system from the Airbus location in Nordenham.
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Meanwhile, in the United States, the former Hughes Research Laboratories, has been designated a Physics Historical Site by the American Physical Society (APS) as the location where the first working laser was demonstrated 50 years ago. Read more.

You would think, that as the U.S. loses its technological lead in industry after industry after industry, people would more easily realize how destructive have been the Reagan / Thatcher / Friedman "free trade" "free market" policies of the past four decades.

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