Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Great Depression was probably worse than folks remember

And compared to now, we actually were somewhat prepared to cope with the economic calamity of 1929-1940.

10 Million Americans Disappeared during the Great Depression Time
While America lectures Russia on the 1932-33 famine in Ukraine, Russian historian Boris Borisov asks what became of over seven million American citizens who disappeared from US population records in the 1930s.
RT: What made you research the history of what you call "American Holodomor"?
B.B: It was very simple. As I was doing comparative research of the American Great Depression in the 1930s, and the Great Depression of the 1990s in Russia, I grew interested in the social dimension of the tragedy. It was logical that I looked up official American documents and found out that the discrepancies were so obvious that any independent researcher would not but have doubt about the official U.S. statistic data. All appears to be rather interesting. I will come to that later.
The U.S. Congress added fuel to the fire by adopting resolutions nearly every year blaming the Soviet government for alleged staged famine in the 1930s in Ukraine. The first resolution came in 1988, 50 years after the events described. The current members of Congress wonder about the following, and I quote, "people in the government were aware of what was going on, but did not do anything to help the starving".
At that very period of 1930s, the wealthy city of New York saw kilometre-long lines of people for free soup. There were no queues on the city"s main streets though, but not because there were no hungry people but because most of the cities did not have any money ? they were just bankrupt.
So, I became curious about that and carried out some research that brought about interesting results.
RT: You say that America of the early 1930s made over seven million people perish. It"s a horrifying figure and it needs an explanation. What do you base your research on and why do you say the population statistics of the U.S. government of 1932-33 was falsified?
B.B.: Seven and a half million people does not mean the number of particular victims of the famine, but a general demographic loss, or the difference between the supposed population on the date of the census that was due to be held in 1940 and the factual number of people. In reality, the total demographic loss is bigger. The fact is not contested by anyone. The figure is more than ten million people. more

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