Tuesday, April 6, 2010

George Soros

Is supposed to be a lefty.  But since he made a billion bucks in one day short selling the British Pound, his commitment to any reasonable set of egalitarian principles is at best, superficial.

So now Mr. Soros has decided he wants to bankroll economists who want something a bit more interesting and competent than the current consensus opinion.  You will notice that with the possible exception of Stiglitz, all Soros' experts are reliably right-wing by ANY reasonable historical definition.
Meet The 26 Members Of George Soros's Secret Team To Rewrite Economics
Gregory White | Apr. 5, 2010, 11:30 AM | 15,567 | 16
George Soros has brought together a crack team of the world's top economists and financial thinkers. 
Its aim: To remake the world's economy as they see fit.
The New Institute of Economic Thinking is to be centered in London, but also fund programs around the world, the first of which will be in Oxford.
In order to reinvent economic thinking, he's brought together a crack team of top economic minds.
They're a "Justice League" if you will. more

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