Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How Producers are different

The idea that Producers are mostly pathetic peasants is just WRONG.  Fortunately there are also highly skilled and paid Producers.  J May, who has designed some of Ford's more popular vehicles is one of them.  Not surprisingly, he is a very interesting guy.  Some recent quotes include:

J Mays: What I've Learned
Ford's chief designer on erasing the Mustang history, hating cell-phone status, and more
By Cal Fussman
I don't think Americans see themselves as clearly as Europeans see them.
The dirty little secret about simplicity is that it's really hard to do.
A designer is only as good as what he or she knows. If all you know is what you've garnered from fifteen years of living in Detroit, it's going to limit what you can lay down. If you've had experiences around the world, you'll be able to design a much richer story for people to enjoy.

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