Friday, December 18, 2009

A "Civilized" Predator Class President

As charming as I find Obama, I am not at all surprised that he has committed himself to the Predator agenda--war and peace to the warmongers, economics to the banksters, etc. Nothing in his background would indicate he even knows the Producer Classes exist--much less that their agenda is worth considering.

More and more, Obama seems a faux liberal

December 16, 2009



Following President Obama’s war speeches at West Point and Oslo —- two breathtaking exercises in political cynicism that killed any hope of authentic liberal reform — I’ve got only one question: Have the liberals who worshipped at the altar of “change you can believe in” had enough?

There was already ample evidence of Obama’s feeble commitment to peace, progress and justice. Ever since he started fundraising for his presidential campaign, it’s been clear that the principal change in the offing was skin tone and slogans. One only needed to read “The Audacity of Hope” to see how thoroughly Obama was enmeshed in the neo-liberal orthodoxies of the Robert Rubin-Clinton wing of the Democratic Party. Obama’s impeccably establishment party credentials — that is, his fealty to the Democratic leadership of Chicago and Capitol Hill — practically guaranteed that he would hew to the status quo when forced to choose.


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