Monday, November 14, 2016

There are people who are justifiably thrilled by a Trump victory

One of the more baleful effects of "American Exceptionalism" it that even some pretty good people really could not care less what happens to the "collateral damage" of the Empire.  They don't care because they don't know.  For example, because I have a strong historical interest in what happened to USSR as the result of the German invasion in 1941, I have read many accounts of the incredibly fierce fighting that happened in the Donbass.  If it weren't for the rich mineral deposits of the region, the area would probably still be depopulated because so many were killed.  In the annals of human struggle, there are few that top the struggles of Donbass.  It was so devastated that many monuments to the defenders weren't built until the 1960s.

I am 67 years old and have met exactly no one who has ever expressed interest in this story.  So when the people of Donbass had to suffer yet one more effort at ethic cleansing, this time at the hands of home-grown Nazis who happened to have power as the result of a USA-sponsored and organized coup in the Ukraine, no one I knew had any idea of the magnitude of the tragedy. Because Victoria Nuland, one of Hillary Clinton's favorites, had her fingerprints all over the coup, there is an understandable outbreak of joy in the Donbass over the election of Donald Trump (see below.) For many, there is now a better possibility that people of the east Ukraine will be able to watch their children grow up. No small matter, that.

Not everyone is as thrilled as the people of Donbass over the election of Trump.  Personally, I will be happy if he is a marginal improvement over Reagan or the Shrub and do not expect even that.  But a victory by Clinton would probably have triggered clinical depression.  The idea that someone so corrupt could have seized the political party my parents and grandparents struggled to build, and sold it to Wall Street crooks, was a reality I could not bear. So even though my expectations for a Trump administration are essentially zero, I am willing to give him a chance because a President Hillary would have been a predictable disaster.

We Won! Now the True Battle Begins

Charles Bausman Nov. 9, 2016

We're just warming up here

From its beginnings, Russia Insider has been more than a news site. It is as much a popular, political movement. It is deeply partisan, pushing a very clear line. It is funded and powered by readers mostly from Europe and America who agree with our political message.

It had to be so, because I started RI in the Fall of 2014 in outrage, outrage over Ukraine - outrage at the lies, outrage at the murder of innocents, outrage at the almost inconceivable stupidity and ignorance of most of the journalists, bureaucrats, and politicians who believed and spread the lies, thereby becoming accessories to truly heinous crimes.

When Trump emerged, of course we threw everything we had into supporting him. And we made a difference. People on his campaign have told me so. But more importantly, the alternative media - Zerohedge, Alex Jones, and other crucial outlets - the whole, glorious, alternative media that put Trump over the top, were reading and repeating our information, analysis, and views. We averaged about 4 million visitors per month over the last 12 months. That makes a difference, trust me, especially when influencers are reading you - not mush-for-brains adolescents (that would be you Buzzfeed).

RI is ranked in the top 100 sites in the world for commenting, beating names like Forbes, Bloomberg, and Vice. We racked up half a million comments in 2 years.

So congratulations to all you supporters, commenters, trolls, online bullies, writers, staff, fans - We won! We made history!

But this is just the beginning. Many battles lie yet ahead. It is a minor miracle that Trump appeared, and that he managed to break into the fortress - but it is still a largely corrupt fortress manned by a treacherous army of liars.

The lobbyists are still there, the bonehead politicians in both parties, the military contractors, the neocon-entranced journalists, diplomats, and bureaucrats, the eavesdroppers, spooks, and assembled morons of the security state, the 'think' tanks which are largely fronts for neocon psychopath schemers and megalomaniacs and the bankers who fund them, the whole vastly corrupt edifice that are global financial markets, so aptly depicted in the movie, 'The Big Short.' We are all going to have to fight like dogs, or they will simply smother him. The election campaign will seem a tea party in comparison. On Tuesday night, it all got very real.

To paraphrase Churchill (whom I consider odious for his crimes against the German people, my people) - This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, it is rather, the end of the beginning.

The US and EU elites have become deeply corrupt, and have descended into moral apostasy in every respect, personal and public, much as the Catholic church and its ruling flunkies did in the 15th century, to the point were it represented almost pure evil. Trump’s election is perhaps akin to Luther nailing his theses to the door, but now the demons are wakened, and they know they must fight or be killed, and as in the 16th century, they will not go quietly.

And there will be blood. Let us hope that it is the figurative, digital kind, and not the real, red, hot, sticky stuff. And let us not forget that an enormous amount of the crimson, gooey kind has flowed already, in Libya, in Syria, and in Ukraine, and many more places, thanks to Obama, Clinton, Merkel and Co, and thanks to the editors of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Der Spiegel, vipers to a man.

I know the people of the Middle East have suffered in far greater numbers, and more horrifically, than in the Ukraine, but the Ukraine bothers me more, because it is close to home, because I saw it with my own eyes, because I feel a close personal bond to Russia, which is essentially the same nation.

So let's remember it here and now: 40,000 soldiers and civilians slaughtered, 5 times more maimed and injured, many more brutally tortured, millions displaced, millions driven into poverty. We should not rest until the perpetrators, including those named above pay for these crimes. We should never let the them or the public forget this. We should hound them for what is left of their miserable, hag-ridden lives.

By denying Clinton the White House, the American people dodged a dagger, although we would have won against her too if she had made it to the White House. It would have been good fun actually.

So this is no time to let up. They have shown that their armor has chinks, and yields to powerful, well-placed blows.

So let's keep pounding away at them. Let's increase their pain. We've shown that we can stun them.

Now lets finish the job. more


  1. I agree with the conclusion of your introductory remarks: “...Hillary would have been a predictable disaster.” But the less predictable disaster that could be coming I wish I knew?

    My initial surprise last Wednesday morning was that this election result would shake things up for the better, but now I’m not so sure? I’m not hearing (yet) what I was hoping I would hear by now: how it’s time to make some serious changes that, really, trump our old-fashioned, outdated, ways.

    We need a whole new system of government on earth that puts people first not money, and we don’t need Donald, Hillary, or anyone in high office dedicated to avoiding that. We shall not be saved by a few tweaks here and there of petty parochial politics as they exist and are played out inside every separate disparate sovereign state on earth. We are running out of time to get beyond petty politics.

    The good news last Thursday: U.S. District Court Judge Ann Aiken dismissed all attempts by the federal government and Big Oil to block a landmark trial brought by young people (and James Hansen) on behalf of the environment. In her ruling, Aiken said, "Although the United States has made international commitments regarding climate change, granting the relief requested here would be fully consistent with those commitments." And, she went on to say, "This action is of a different order than the typical environmental case…It alleges that defendants' actions and inactions—whether they violate any specific statutory duty—have so profoundly damaged our home planet that they threaten plaintiffs' fundamental constitutional rights to life and liberty."

    Hoorah, Judge Aiken! (How come we didn’t get her to run for President?)

    When will a billionaire or two endow an open and free discussion about the significance of climate change on earth...and the kind of new government needed on earth to put people first and protection of the earth's biosphere as a top priority? Not to mention any of the many other things we should be talking about...that trump, Trump and this crazy (but maybe wonderful?) election.

  2. Seems like the US was screwed no matter who won.

    Amongst the list of contenders, I'd say that only Sanders might have brought about real change.

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