Tuesday, December 1, 2015

"Time to Choose"

Charles Ferguson, whose documentary of the crash of 2007-8, Inside Job won an Oscar, has a new one out on climate change called "Time to Choose" and it can be watched for free today, Dec 1, 2015.  Now let's see what the pols can come up with in Paris.  I'm still betting: Not Much.


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  2. WOW! I clicked on the link and got hooked. So dark and dismal at first (even worse than what I thought I knew) yet so inspirational in the end...that the battle to stop climate change (or at least slow it down) is winnable! "Only a small number of people (wealthy, powerful, corrupt people) stand in our way...and the hour is growing late...so do we let them win?" It's Time To Choose, indeed. Thanks for the link Jonathan.

    1. I'll admit I was a bit nervous about Ferguson making a new doc about "my" subject. I have been working pretty damn hard on my video. Ferguson certainly spent good money on photography that I can't. But "Time to Choose" left a lot of holes—for example, electrifying the automobile fleet is the easiest IC replacement yet Ferguson treats it as a slam dunk. Well NO! And of course, we're not even addressing ships, aircrafts, or heavy trucks.

      I guess I am happy that my project will neatly fill the holes Ferguson left for me ;-)

  3. Happy to hear about the holes Ferguson left you... What's your opinion of Toyota and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell? But the biggest hole of all in my opinion not yet being discussed by anyone of worldwide large-scale importance is the concept of money itself!

    Money, as we all know, is a convenient unit of exchange in many transactions... But it has morphed (again) (for the umpteenth time in human history) completely out of control (again) (planet wide this time) and needs serious fixing!

    I believe a proper balance of public good and private enterprise is possible...if money can be put back into a proper, limited, highly controlled and regulated perspective... a perspective that disallows any scale (large or small) of planetary impact. (Private enterprise in the form of small business Single Proprietor, Partnership, and Co-op.) (No more corporations or financial large scale Shenanigans.)

    I just saw that Mark Zuckerberg (the Facebook guy) and his wife, Priscilla Chan (on behalf of their newborn daughter perhaps?) have pledged (over time) to commit 99% of their Facebook stock holdings to "building strong communities" (whatever that means?).

    Maybe people in the 1% category of planetary money wealth are starting to get a little nervous? Maybe the Hedge-fund guys will start hedging their bets soon, too, if they haven't already?

    1. I am super-happy that Toyota is trying. I have doubts that fuel cells will be ready for prime time soon—mostly for lack of infrastructure. But it's nice to know that Toyota is directing their heavy fire at the problem. See also:

    2. You being "super-happy that Toyota is trying" works for me.

      When I went to the links you offered I was reminded I had already been to the one in 2014/01 (at the time when it was originally posted and I remembered it very well) -- I followed through on it at that time quite a bit to other links, and learned more, but it hasn't quite taken off yet has it? Electric still leads the way (in that area, gambit, strategy?).

      Your posting on 2013/11 was new to me...and a delight to read about that one summer in your junior high school days (in the '60's) when you "actually" experimented with making hydrogen and learning more about it "first hand" without blowing anything up (unintentionally) or burning the house down! Lucky you. Amazing stuff. Way beyond anything I've ever done (or tried).

      If we ever manage to get beyond "unreal" economics (the inappropriate and unnecessary incentive of large scale profit as a motive) the hydrogen fuel cell will have to be a winner! (It might even become a winner before large scale, unnecessary and inappropriate profit motives are abolished! Or so we can hope.)