Monday, April 27, 2015

Free Trade has Free in it. Don't oppose freedom!

Oligarchy apologist and hack, a.k.a. "economist" Gregory Mankiw had an op-ed in the Sunday New York Times, Economists Actually Agree on This: The Wisdom of Free Trade.

Well, not all economists agree. I'm beginning to lose patience with God: if there were justice in the universe, Mankiw would be run over by a armored car carrying cash to a clientele of payday lenders.

Anyway, one poster on DailyKos credits Mankiw's article with changing his mind on the TPP.

And on heart surgery.

I can't help but conclude by the same logic that it would be a great idea for me to have open heart surgery. After all, medical researchers and cardiac specialists are almost unanimous in saying that the surgery is statically beneficial to the patients who get it done. Since I'm a big believer in science, say no more, I don't have any need to get down in the weeds with all the 'why' questions. I'm in excellent health now and can't wait to experience how fantastic I'll feel afterwards.
The very first comment is pure genius. It may not be the commenters' original, but I think it is, because posters on DailyKos are pretty good at giving credit when due. Forthwith, here is one of the best commentaries on FTAs, "free trade agreemnets" I have ever seen:

1). Free Trade has Free in it. Don't oppose freedom.
2). Free Trade has Trade in it. Don't oppose trade.
3). All FTAs are always great, because neoliberalism.
4). When US exports rise after a FTA, game over. FTAs rule!
5). When US exports fall after a FTA, it wasn't the FTA's fault.
7). Yes, it has the exact same language. But more FREE!
8). No, it is not a problem that corporations write it.
9). THIS time, the corporations put words that say labor things and environmental things in it. It's basically a revolution.
10). No, the new rules can't be enforced or punished. But FREE!

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