Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Shuffling computers

The house was blessed with a new computer last week—a 13" Macbook Pro.  It belongs to the woman who actually knows how to make money with a laptop so whatever she wants, etc.

It is an incredibly nice machine.  It has completely solid-state memory system which makes it very fast while having superb battery life.  Except for the keys, there are no moving parts.  It has no disc drive but it has a minimalist dvd burner / reader that plugs in.  It has two Thunderbolt ports which doesn't mean much because we have nothing that uses that connection.  The HDMI port has been more useful—fun to watch your computer on a big-screen TV.  The video card has no problem running two 1920x1200 monitors.  That a 1.5 kg laptop can plug in and become the engine powering a legitimate page-layout / photo-editing / high-def video editing suite is truly remarkable.

It is something of a chore getting a computer to store your work tools in the way you want them based on 20 years of fussing.  The operating system named Mavericks 10.9 seems to work much better on a current piece of hardware—installing this on my older iMac proved to be a major headache.

So once the new computer was up and running, I inherited the old laptop and since all the software was out, it got a total hard drive rebuild too.  We replaced its hard drive with a solid-state version a few years ago so with a clean software install, it was running very nicely this morning.  But this sort of explains why I have been distracted.  I also hosted a small Superbowl party.

I have big plans for the future of this site.  The tools are working.  Time to get back to work.

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