Saturday, January 5, 2013

Inside UPS's gigantic Louisville hub

Hat tip to Barry Ritholtz, for pointing to this virtual tour of United Parcel Service's gigantic sorting and distribution center in Louisville, Kentucky. UPS calls it Worldport, and its 5.2 million-square-feet includes 70 aircraft docks and 155 miles of conveyor belts able to process and sorting 416,000 packages an hour during peak operations, serviced by UPS's fleet of 230 jet aircraft. During peak operations, meaning the holiday season, one UPS jet lands at Louisville nearly every minute. Worldport achieves a sorting accuracy rate 99.9994 percent - which means 16 packages need to be "rescued" each hour. The virtual tour explains how this happens.

Inside UPS' Worldport: How a shipping titan moves 2,000 packages every 17 seconds.


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