Monday, December 17, 2012

Peak Auto

I have already taken to calling the LFA "Peak Auto." I mean, who else has the skills, resources, and management commitment to throw into a ten YEAR project that has no other goal than to showcase the abilities of the world's largest and most influential auto maker? And like the original LS that was so superbly built it made the S-class Mercedes look like it was hammered together using anvils, the LFA has now set the bar so high that no one will ever equal its sophistication in our lifetimes.

As an automobile, the LFA is highly impractical.  As an engineering demonstration, it is magnificent.  It's flashy enough to draw a lot of attention to itself while demonstrating breakthroughs in carbon-fiber fabrication—among a host of other wow! accomplishments.  And being a Lexus, it demonstrates that human beings really can build nearly-perfect things.  This is what can be accomplished when grow-ups build.  This is good.  The sustainable society will require a lot of such near-perfection to work.  Thank goodness, Toyota has told the rest of the world how they do it.

Final Lexus LFA #500 Built, Production Ends

Posted by krew on December 17th, 2012

The final Lexus LFA has been built at the Motomachi Plant in Japan, ending the 500 unit run of the supercar.

LFA #500 was completed on December 14th, and will be delivered to its unidentified owner after final inspection. From the photo, it looks to be a Whitest White N├╝rburgring edition.

This marks a very significant moment in Lexus history, as this car has redefined and transformed the very core of the brand — even as it exits production, the LFA will continue to make an impact on the future of Lexus.

(I knew this day would come, but it’s still surprising. It was shocking to see the LFA enter production, and now it’s shocking to see it finished.)  more


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